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Bibiesse, Internet Club - The Voice of The Village
Bibiesse, Internet Club - The Voice of The Village
Linux Village Logo   From some years Bibiesse Club uses Linux OS in order to develop its plans of network...


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The free spirit who guides the Linux promoters in agreement with Bibiesse Club and the extraordinary results, has carried the idea to create this page. (F.Romito)

What is Linux ?

The short technical explanation is that Linux is a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system that runs on many platforms, including Intel processors, 386 and higher. It implements a superset of the POSIX standard. Linux interoperates well with other operating systems, including those from Apple, Microsoft and Novell.

While the name Linux, derived from the name of its creator, Linus Torvalds, actually refers to the kernel of the operating system, makes up a complete operating system.

This complete operating environment includes:

  • hundreds of programs including compilers, interpreters, editors and utilities; tools that support connectivity, including Ethernet, SLIP and PPP, and inter-operability

  • reliable production releases of software, as well as cutting-edge development versions

  • a development team located around the world working to make Linux portable to new platforms as well as supporting a user community as diverse in needs and location as the development team itself.

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