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Relationship of Telex Answerback Codes to Internet Domains Form

This form gives the list, as best known, of all common Internet domains and the conversion between specific country telex answerback codes and Internet country domain identifiers. It also lists the telex code and international dialing code, wherever it is available. It will also list major Internet "Public" E-Mail addresses.
This form is designed to show the corresponding codes for Fax and voice messages, telex country codes, telex answerbacks and Internet domains. It is an attempt to place all of the information into one list and all the connections for each country.

TO FIND FAST: fill-in a domain code, e.g. 'US' or 'SU' or 'CG'..., in CAPITALS. Country names should be in Small Capitals, e.g. 'Turkey' or 'Thailand' or 'Peru'. However this form will search on our d-base exactly as you'll type.

This form provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify an Internet standard. Follow this link to browse the entire standard rfc1394 document compiled by Network Working Group.

All entries are column alligned. Where an entry ends with a comma, it means that additional entries appear beginning at the starting column for that entry on the following line. Four dashes appear where no telephone code is known for an area; three dashes appear for all other missing or unknown information.

The information in this document was obtained from several sources in multiple countries; while reasonable care was used in preparing this document, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed; in some cases the codes may not be correct. We welcome corrections as well as additional countries/zones/areas/major mailing systems not listed. Please feel free to widely distribute this list. Comments, suggestions and corrections are welcomed. Corrections may be mailed, E-mailed or telexed to the address at the end of this document.

Note that whether you can reach a particular country depends on whether there is a connection to there and whether connections are permitted.

The inability to contact an area is usually due to political reasons. For example, US callers cannot dial to Cuba, and most Arab countries cannot dial Israel. Other countries have other restrictions. No standing as to the validity of a country's name or existence is made by this document; this is simply an attempt to catalog all known related information. Information is solicited for extra, old or alternate names for any existing country, or any missing details.

Users on BITNET / FIDONET / UUCP addresses may require alteration of their address to conform to a transliteration scheme, and/or routing through a gateway.


Within the BITNET community, names of the form "System.BITNET" are used. These are not registered names in the Domain Naming System (DNS). To use BITNET names in the Internet, one must use the per cent sign hack to route the mail through an Internet/BITNET gateway. For example, user%System.Bitnet@VBVM.BUFFALO.EDU.


Within the UUCP community, names of the form "host.UUCP" are sometimes used. These are not registered names in the DNS. To
use UUCP names in the Internet, one must use the per cent sign hack to route the mail through an Internet/UUCP gateway. For example,


For historical reasons, a section of the DNS namespace uses the ".ARPA" domain to register the addresses of hosts and networks to enable reverse lookups.

Security Considerations

Security issues are not discussed in this page.

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